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Passionate about our traditional games, travel and collecting; we tour the country with our fantastic games.

Fun and games for everyone. We perform and entertain at a huge variety of events including festivals, weddings, press launches, charity galas, village fetes and so on with an amazing array of lawn, fete, pub and parlour games

We specialise in traditional and vintage games that are a part of the heritage of the quintessential village fete. Here you’ll see games that will evoke nostalgic memories of summers gone by from fairground side stalls, village fetes and travelling fairs plus some rare and wonderful games we’ve collected along the way. 

All the games are easy to play and great fun for all ages but to be a winner you’ll need to up your skill level and be warned, they’re highly addictive. Great fun for all the family to get involved and play together.

Our games “barkers” will be on hand to explain the games, show you the tricks to make you a winner and how to avoid the showman’s traps.

We have a huge variety of games to suit all ages which can be used indoors or outdoors from traditional pub and parlour games to larger fete and lawn activities

Games can be hired in packages with or without our vintage dressed hosts who manage the games and encourage your guests to take part. Many games come with printed instructions or with blackboard score boards. The majority of the games are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. Games can be hired individually but there is a minimum hire charge so please let us know your requirements and we’ll get straight back to you.

What People Say

“Many thanks for the parlour and Edwardian fete games – what a day and everyone loved them! The sun shelters were brilliant.”

Kate and Ben’s wedding 2017

“You are free for next year’s event aren’t you?”

Amanda 2018

“We loved having you here and looking forward to 2020”

Tower of London 2019

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