Fete, Lawn, Garden and Country Games

Photos and short descriptions of our favourite and most popular fete games

Wooden Skittle Alley

24′ skittle alley, comes in 4′ sections and can be used outside or inside

Leicester Skittles

Original Leicester Skittles Table an indoor game where you throw “Cheeses” at the skittles

Jeu de Massacre

French version of Tin Can Alley


Beat the buzzer in this game of skill

Gnome Hoopla

Hoopla with gnomes,. Simple

Frog in a Clog

Throw the bean bag frogs into the clogs. More difficult than it looks

Passe Boule

Authentic clown french “Passe Boule” played with bouncy balls for more fun

La Grenouille

Throwing game from Normandy. This froggy wonder is played with bronze discs with the aim to get it in the frogs mouth

Giant Magnetic Fishing

Sea chest full of fish and perils of the deep. Avoid the shopping trolly to find out what’s in the dead mans chest

Coconut Shy

Original WWII coconut shy with the “old drunk” “square head” and “scrooge”. Great for all re-enactment events

Horse Head Ring Toss

Unique carved wooden horse head and horse shoe target ring toss game

Roll a Ball

Original Fairground Roll a Ball from Barry Island Funfair. Can be hired as a pair or a full five half circle side show game

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