Games List

Below is the full list of our current games. Follow the menu for pictures and descriptions of our favourite and most popular games.
Traditional Fete GamesDescription
Wooden Skittle AlleyTraditional Bristol skittle Alley, 24 feet long
Tiny Tots Skittle AlleyTiny version of skittle alley animal skittles
Leicstersire Skittles TableNine pin large skittles table with wooden “cheeses”
Edwardian Fete  
Coconut ShyFive coconut pins, a lovely bunch of coconuts throwing balls
Gnome HooplaTraditional side show fete game
Giant Magnetic FishingFind the fish amongst the flotsam and Jetsam
Hook a DuckGreat classic hook a duck in its own tin bath
Stand the BottleStand the bottle if you can. Hours of fun.
Ping Pong Ball in a BowlLots of goldfish bowls and bucket of ping pongs.
Passe BouleAuthetic French Passe Boule Fete Game
Bean Bag ThrowTraditional throwing game with buckets and bean bags
La GrenouilleAuthentic Normandy fete throwing game
Roll a PennyRoll an old penny down the shoot
Giant Shove Board Like Shove Ha’penny but massive!
Thowing Games 
World War II Coconut ShyUnique! Knock coconuts off the Riechs famous three.
Ball in a Millk ChurnFantastic painted milk churns throwing game
Horse Shoe TossFull size horse shoe toss game with steel shire horseshoes
Target Welly WangingThrow wellies onto five targets in the ancient game of welly wanging
Horses Head Ring TossAmazing carved horses head ring toss game
Knock Humpty Knock Humpty Dumpty off his wall
Quoits CourtTraditional English quoits court
Aunt SallyOriginal Aunt Sally game Includes with canvas “catcher”
Flat Cap FlingFling the flat caps on the back of the hooks on the door. 
Frog in a ClogThrow the frog into the dutch clog.
Games of Skill 
Splat The RatA simple and hilarious game trying to hit the rat
High (low) StrikerSmall Disney painted version of a high Striker
Rat Run Hit the rats tail off the rat as he tries to escape through the kitchen 
BuzzwireTest your skill on this large Buzzwire
“Jeu de Massacre”Traditional side show game.  French version of Tin Can Alley 
French Shooting gameRare wind up rotary system shooting game with the rubber band guns.
PlinkoGiant version of the game show plinko game
Roll a BallOriginal “Collins” Fairground Roll a Ball
Roll a BallOriginal Barry Island fairground “Roll a Ball” with five boards, a Games Barker, 
Giant Connect FourVery large version of this game of strategy
Mega JengaThe biggest we could find and a great game for large spaces
Giant Pick Up SticksHuge version of the traditional game of skill
Lawn Games 
Classic Outdoor Croquet SetFull size Townsend croquet set with vital instructions
Clock GolfOriginal Edwardian clock golf game complete
Crazy Golf Five Hole Set under construction (Available in Summmer 2020)
Nine Hole Putting CourseClitheroe municipal set with clubs, balls score cards and brass “holes”
GolfstacleRare Edwardian crazy golf set which can be played inside or outside. 
BoulesClassic French game played on gravel or cinder path with metal boules
BowlsThe quintessentially English “Clock” sound of wood on wood 
Edwardian Bowls GamesQuirky Original Edwardian lawn game with painted balls and hoops.
Tug O’ War ropeHeavy duty nonabrasive tournament length rope for the ultimate duel
Sack RaceCoffee sacks with course cones and a finish line
Egg and Spoon Race Rubber eggs, wooden spoons with course cones and a finish line
Pub and Parlour Games 
English Bagatelle BoardPrecursor to snooker. Victorian English game in mahogany case
Japanese BilliardsWhy it’s called that, we don’t know. It’s a  Roll a Ball Bagatelle
Bobs BridgeOld English Target Billiard game Played on an English Bagatelle table
French Whistle Football table Unique french “babyfoot” football table. Players as referees whistles
Table Skittles “Devil amongst the Tailors”Vintage wooden bar skittles board
Eavesham QuoitsTraditional pub game popular either side of the Welsh border
BagatelleVintage wooden championship bagatelle
Shove Ha’pennyTwo vintage wooden championship board complete with ha’pennies
Building BricksA bucket full of vintage wooden building bricks. Dangerously addictive 
RingsClassic Irish pub game of rings on this championship board
Stag Horn Ring TossStags horn on a board played with rubber rings 
1930s Flipper and Cage Football GameOriginal 1930s caged football game.
Bar Billiards“Russian” Bar Billiards board designed to go on any table
Table CroquetAmazing Table Croquet set from 1900
Shut the BoxTwo vintage style dice game
Marble BridgeTraditional marble game with its own board
Giant Dominos Giant version of this traditional pub game
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